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Our Mission

They said Silicon Valley was the Goldilocks zone for tech startups. Not anymore. As of 2018, NYC has had over 7,000 startups with a total value estimated at over 71 billion dollars. New York City is host to over 100 incubators and home to some our favorite unicorns, including: Etsy, WeWork, Shazam, Warby Parker, BuzzFeed, Oscar, Glossier, Blue Apron and many more that are probably incubating, accelerating and hatching right now. We want to help startups founded in New York City with creative, juicy, freshly-squeezed, unicorn-grade, high-quality video content.


Disclaimer: No unicorns were actually harmed in the making of our videos.

The Bootstrap Method - Sandbox Video: A Creative Video Agency


Money was scarce. You had to work 25 hour days. You learned to code. Hustle. Broke up with your partner. Slept with an old teddy bear. For the next 2 years? Borrowed money. From your parents. Someone had to invest in your idea. It was brilliant. You were willing to sleep in the park. Made sacrifices. Lived in a van. Good for you. Most people watch Netflix. You love Netflix. So do we. Next!

The Incubator Method - Sandbox Video: A Creative Video Agency


You had vision. A big idea idea. You joined an incubator. Networked with awesome people. Talked shop. Tech stuff. Got to be part of amazing teams. You were challenged. Got feedback. Refined your idea. Focused your vision. Created something actionable. Ran with it. Created a new product. Pitched it to an audience. Made a video. Hired Sandbox to do it. It was amazing. Mic drop.

The Accelerator Method - Sandbox Video: A Video Advertising Agency


You were determined. Wanted your way. The road less traveled. You had an aha moment. A big idea. You got a co-founder. Took a loan out. From your mom. Wrote a business plan. Build a website. Had a soft launch. Made some money. Had a real launch. Made even more money. Got excited. Bought your mom a new car. Hit a plateau. Joined an accelerator. Had to give up some equity. To investors. Ouch! Scaled like crazy! Not so ouch. High-fived your co-founder and missed. Awkward. You can't be good at everything.

The Venture Capital Method - Sandbox Video: A Creative Video Production Agency


You did the heavy lifting. Drank lots of caffeine. Got a poster of Steve Jobs. The one where he sits in his empty apartment. Wait. No. That's us. Anyway. You had an idea. Something shiny. You developed it. Matured it. Created something sustainable. Zipped past ramen noodle profitability. Went out. Pitched your idea to investors. Got funded. Threw a party. With VC money? Yep! Gave up some equity. That hurt a bit. It's cool. You still control the company. Right?

Why You Need A Branding Strategy - Sandbox Video: A Video Agency


Today’s market is extremely crowded and noisy, which makes it a high barrier to entry for young companies. Especially when trying to compete for an existing category. How you position your products and services will determine not just sales, but the customers perception of your intention as a company.


Most people will agree that your brand is by far the most important and defining element of your company. Why you exist and the reason people should know who you are is crucial in the process of creating your brand’s identity. Your logo, your mission statement and your culture are part of your company’s DNA. And your message should reflect exactly why, how and what that purpose is. But more importantly, it should be authentic.

We can help you find the best ingredients for your brand strategy and articulate that information during the creative stage of production.

Why You Need Creative Advertising - Sandbox Video: A Creative Video Agency For Startups


Your idea may be brilliant. Your product wonderful. But how do you disseminate all that information and put it in front of your audience? Video marketing has become the de facto standard in digital advertising.


When an original idea is introduced to the market it takes time to digest. The audience needs to internalize it before it can process it. This approach doesn’t immediately spike conversions when people watch an ad. Instead, it builds up slowly. And once it gains traction, it can have a snowball effect. Data shows us that creative video advertising has better long term results and is more impactful when creating a new category or, encroaching on an existing one.

This is what we strive for when we conceptualize the best way to tell your story to an audience.

Why Have A Marketing Strategy - Sandbox Video: A Video Agency For Brands


Every business needs to have a game plan. That means a way to reach people and turn them into happy customers.


Having the right strategy from the beginning is important in order to execute a successful marketing campaign. Otherwise, things can quickly go haywire along with your advertising costs. You have to follow a recipe in order to first grow awareness, and then, peak the interest of your target audience. Once you got their attention, you have to create a desire for your product or service, so your potential customers can take action.

With an depth analysis, we can determine who your target audience is and customize a marketing strategy that is focused solely on them.



Some people say there are a million ways to shoot a scene, but we say there is only one. And the same holds true for running a great ad campaign.


Creating an effective video commercial that embodies your core values, your vision and your branding identity needs to be funneled through the proper channels if it’s going to work. We have to take the right steps to prepare. That means map out data that is measurable and valuable to your company’s goals. A prerequisite for any campaign that wants to succeed.

We can plan with you, offer new ideas and strategize, so you can get the most out of your ad campaign once it’s launched.

Portrait of woman holding megaphone, dressed in pin-up style


All the hard work has led up to this moment. But what’s the point of the greatest video of all time if no one actually gets it? This is what our creative team strives for when designing your video ad - from start to finish.


There is a delicate balance when fine tuning a viewer’s experience. There is a psychological and emotional element that can either hook your audience, or alienate them. You have to be mindful of their time, understand their likes, dislikes, while engaging their senses. Because the last thing you want is to overwhelm them with a bunch of unnecessary information.

A/B video test studies have shown that some humans have the attention span that is less than that of goldfish, which is only about 9 seconds. So we want to present your audience with a product idea in a concise and elegant fashion, through a well crafted video that is enjoyable, memorable and that teaches them something new.

Oh! And it’s made from freshly-squeezed-unicorn-grade-high-quality video stuff! 😉


Here’s How It Works

For New Video Projects

For Startups - Step One


Happens all the time! Now you want your video to look just the way you imagined it. So you grab a pen. Write down some thoughts. Maybe even do an outline. You show it to your friends. They think it’s awesome! Now, it’s time to put together a real video.

We sense a 💪 production brewing!

Package Selection - Step Two


Select the option below that best aligns with your advertising needs. This will provide you with a brief description of our services and what you can expect from each one. We like to keep things simple, so you will only find three option to choose from.

Minimalists at heart, we believe less is more. ✔️

Email Us- Step Three


Just click the “Get A Quote” button and our new project questionnaire will appear. This will give you a chance to tell us what type video you need, so we know exactly how to help you. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Just shoot us an email at hello@sandboxvideo.co. 📤


Post Production

To Improve Existing Videos

No sorcery. Just good old fashioned motion graphics and visual effects.