Why Is The Cost Of Medication Going Up?

Why Is The Cost Of Medication Going Up?


A few months ago, Joe Isaakidis, owner of Harpell Pharmacies, approached us with an idea. He’d been thinking about PBMs and the rising costs of prescription medication and wanted us to help him create a crowdfunding video in order to raise money and make a documentary about it.

The article below comes from the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign video which explains how instead of making drugs more affordable, PBMs actually figured out a way to squeeze more profits from the customers and pharmacies.

We encourage you to watch this video and if it inspires you, feel free to head over to Indiegogo to make a contribution - however small. It’s an all or nothing campaign, which means that if we’re not able to raise all the funds, all bets are off.

Prescription medication prices have been rising exponentially in the US while prices for the same meds in other countries are a fraction of the cost. Our citizens are being forced to shop for the prescription drugs on the internet buying from Canada and other countries to save on costs. This exposes people to so many other situations. Why shouldn't prices be the same anywhere?

Why This Documentary?

As a pharmacist, our number one concern is always patient care.  The problem is that while we have been busy caring for patients, we were slowly being robbed of our rights, profits, dignity AND THOSE SAME PATIENTS!  

At the same time, our patients were robbed of their rights and freedom.  In addition the patients, insurance companies, unions, and CMS have been stuck paying increasing drug prices exponentially... WHY?

Most pharmacists know why and we need TO TELL THE STORY!  RxPosed will tell this story!

We Need Your Help!

We estimated that we will need between $230,000 and $250,000 for the pre-production, Production, editing and marketing of this Film.  We have done an in depth analysis including a marketing plan on distribution.

Breakdown available upon request.

Please... Don't Contribute "What you can"... Contribute "AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!"

This is our only chance to have a film like this made.. our only chance to get our story told so that everyone hears it... if we cannot fund it 100%... OUR CHANCE IS GONE!


Imagine It

What would it feel like to be heard?  Finally, everyone will know what challenges we face.  Finally letting the public know the reasons behind rising drug costs and how they have been misled?  How would insurance carriers deal with this new info... how about Medicare & Medicaid?  How would this impact our lives and the lives of every American that pays for medication, insurance premiums and into the Medicare System through taxes?

It's Easy & Real Hard At The Same Time

The content is easy.  We know what we have to cover in the film.  We know who to interview. We know where to travel.  The Challenge is getting this done quickly before its too late which is why we need to hit the goal.  There are probably ZERO actors to pay.  most of the costs are for a film crew, their traveling, editing, music licensing etc.   Remember, if we do not reach our goal, indiegogo does not charge you and the project ends so your money is safe.  But please, lets get this done!

Additional Help

We will also need a board of panelists to decide on content, if you would like to participate, email: rxposed911@gmail.com.

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