Frequently Asked Questions - Sandbox Video


1. CLIENT: What is your typical process for a new project?

SANDBOX: After we receive your inquiry, we’ll send you a questionnaire to determine your exact project needs. Next, we’ll provide you with an estimate and contract to review. Once approved, the next step will be to set up a phone call so we can get to know each other and discuss some viable creative directions to explore.

2. CLIENT: How long does it take until the product is finished?

SANDBOX: Usually somewhere between 6 to 12 weeks is a good time-frame. But every project has its own rhythm. We don’t like to rush through the process and strongly believe that the most valuable asset we have when crafting your brand message, is time. Of course that’s after location, equipment, actors, lighting and a million other things are in place.

3. CLIENT: What kind of equipment do you use on your productions?

SANDBOX: All kinds, nothing specific. We like to stay abreast of new technology but use whatever tools we need to serve the story in the best possible way. Equipment is an important part of production, but not as important as people think. A great example is Hollywood filmmaker Steven Soderbergh who recently shot another feature film on an iPhone. Casting, creative, location, set design, lighting and story are infinitely more important to nail in the process.

4. CLIENT: What is the cost of one of your videos?

SANDBOX: Well, it depends. We’re not as expensive as you might think. Mainly because of our company structure. That said, we’re not the cheapest kids on the block either. One thing to keep in mind is that not all videos are created equal. Equipment, casting, location, production, post-production and crew cost real money. For a video commercial, a budget in the neighborhood of 25K would be the minimum to get started.

5. CLIENT: Do you make videos that are less expensive?

SANDBOX: At the moment, yes. Those videos are mostly geared towards helping startups who are bootstrapped. You can learn more about our services here.

6. CLIENT: What about editing existing videos that were shot with a phone or DSLR and aren’t looking so hot?

SANDBOX: So we do offer post-production services. We have some very talented motion graphics and visual effects artists that can infuse some creative magic into your videos. We can help with things like: video editing, stabilization, color correction, color grading (yes, there’s a difference), sound correction, sound effects, music, vfx, split screen comps, and so much more. If that sounds interesting, shoot us a message or, fill out this form.

7. CLIENT: How much external creative input do you incorporate into your videos?

SANDBOX: It usually begins with an in depth conversation that we have with you upfront to make sure we’re all on the same page. We listen, take notes, ideate, marinate and if we believe we can help you, we come back and present you with a proposal. Once approved, we move forward and execute those creative decisions based on our initial discussion. We always encourage your feedback and communicate with you at every stage of the process to create the highest quality video and keep you up to speed.

8. CLIENT: How does casting work and do I have to appear in my own video?

SANDBOX: No, you don’t have to appear in your own video. Unless you want to and have a really great tv mustache, or on camera personality and we strongly believe it would add value to the voice and tone of your tv mustache, but we really mean brand. In which case we would have a discussion about it. But most likely we will be using professional actors who love playing dress up, bright lights, who can talk, take direction, and work under pressure, because, well, they’re actors and they just love it.

9. CLIENT: How do I pay you and what type of payments do you accept?

SANDBOX: So besides making awesome videos, we have to be honest. Getting paid is pretty great. It allows us to eat, pay rent and also prevents homelessness. But seriously, we’re pretty flexible when it comes to payments.

At the moment, we accept: ACH, Square, Stripe, PayPal , Credit Cards (AMEX, VISA, MasterCard), Checks and because we’re Millenials and hip with the times, we also welcome payments in the form of Bitcoin. If that sounds negotiable, hit us up via email to discuss the terms if you plan on compensating us in this very fashion forward manner.

10. CLIENT: How can I get in touch with you?

SANDBOX: Email or a Facebook message is the best way.

11. CLIENT: Where can I leave you a review because I’m so happy with your work I just can’t contain myself?

SANDBOX: Well first of all, thank you for being so kind about this. Most people have to be chased down with a human butterfly net before writing a review. That said, you may do so either on our Facebook page or Google Business page. And again, thank you for being so awesome! Mad hugs!!

12. CLIENT: Who is Sandbox Video and what do you do, exactly? Also, why Sandbox?

SANDBOX: Who Sandbox? We’re a creative video advertising agency. That means we can handle everything from creative to post-production and can even help you with distribution. Things like branding, marketing and advertising campaign strategy. Our main focus is startups and technology companies founded in New York. What we do is look for innovative ways to present your product to your audience with high-quality videos, exactly.

Why Sandbox? Well, because. That’s a great answer, said no one ever! Actually, the term “sandbox” represents a virtual space where untested software can be run safely. It’s a place where you can try out new things, bold ideas, and fail without breaking a sweat. And since we’re techies at heart, we thought the name befitting.

13. CLIENT: What types of videos do you make and don’t make?

SANDBOX: All kinds and ilks and types. We’ve done brand videos, TV commercials, explainer videos, crowdfunding videos, instagram videos, facebook videos, youtube videos, web-based and mobile videos, snackable video content and even music videos.

We don’t do: corporate videos, event videos, wedding videos and real estate videos.

14. CLIENT: Are you really that tech savvy? What mad skills do you have?

SANDBOX: Not to brag or anything, but hey! It’s not bragging if it’s true. And we’re pretty handy and capable: handy-capable! It all begins with creative concept and ideation. Content strategy. Scriptwriting. Direction. Crew and equipment. Production Schedule. Location. Studio shoots. Video editing. Graphic design. Motion graphics. Visual effects. Color grading. Sound design. And finally, distribution. If you’re still not convinced, just ask us a question. We’ll be more than happy to cast away any doubts you might have.

15. CLIENT: How much do you charge for advertising after all is said and done?

SANDBOX: It varies. For TV, we would take a commission between 10-15% of the total media buy. But if we think your budget is too small and the campaign would be ineffective, we won’t just toss your money away. We’d have a conversation about it. An ad equals eye and ears over time, which means it’s only effective if people have a chance to respond to it. And that’s our main goal. To create unique video content that people love to watch and to make your brand’s message friendly, human and accessible.

16. CLIENT: What type of advertising do you do besides, obviously, video?

SANDBOX: Great question! So we’re not like other video agencies that offer a full range of services. We believe that focusing on anymore than 3 things at a time results in watered-down creative work. That’s why we were very intentional about focusing on Facebook, Hulu and Youtube Ads as our main distribution platforms. That said, we like to stay open and evolve with promising new mediums - whatever they may be.

17. CLIENT: But wait, isn’t that a small audience? I heard Vine and SnapChat are the next Facebook...

SANDBOX: If you consider 2.5 billion monthly users small, then yes. Also, not all platforms were created equal. For more information, see “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”.

18. CLIENT: Are you guys serious?

SANDBOX: We’d like to think so. But we've never been tested.